Thursday, December 28, 2006

TONES ON TAIL - Night Music (1984)

TONES ON TAIL 1982 - 1984

Band is:

- Daniel Ash: Vocals, Guitar and Sax
- Glenn Campling: Bass and Keyboard
- Kevin Haskins: Drums and Percussion


- Albums
Pop (1984)

-EPs and singles
"Tones on Tail" (1982) 12" EP only
"There's Only One" (1982) 12" only
"Burning Skies" (1983) 7"/12"
"Performance" (1984) 7"/12"
"Lions" (1984) 7"/12"
"Christian Says" (1984) 7"/12"
"Go!" (1984) 7"/12"

The Album Pop (1984) LP/cassette, a reconfiguration of Pop
Tones on Tail (1985) LP/cassette
Night Music (1987) CD only
Tones on Tail (1990) CD/cassette
Everything! (1998) CD only, contains every released track and a radio interview
Something! (1998) CD EP only, a promotional item with alternate edits/mixes of tracks from Everything!

Web sites:

Tones On Tail - Night Music (1984)

1. War
2. Go!
3. Christian Says
4. There's Only One
5. OK This is the Pops
6. Happiness
7. You, the Night and the Music
8. Burning Skies
9. Lions
10. Movement of Fear
11. Real Life
12. Rain
13. Instrumental
14. When You're Smiling
15. Twist
16. Heartbreak Hotel (Live)


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