Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Deluxe_Edition) -2CD-2006- Disc 2 - Rarities

01. The kiss [RS Home Demo]
02. The perfect girl [Studio Demo]
03. Like coockatos [Studio Demo]
04. All I want [Studio Demo]
05. Hot hot hot [Studio Demo]
06. Shiver and shake [Studio demo]
07. If only tonight we could sleep [Studio Demo]
08. Just like heaven [Studio Demo]
09. Hey you [Studio demo]
10. A thousand hours [Studio Alt Mix]
11. Icing sugar [Studio Alt Mix]
12. One more time [Studio Alt Mix]
13. How beautiful you are [Live Bootleg]
14. The snaketip [Live Bootleg]
15. Catch [Live Bootleg]
16. Torture [Live Bootleg]
17. Fight [Live Bootleg]
18. Why can't I be you [Live Bootleg]