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THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Live at Joseph's Well, Leeds, UK, 02-08-2005

THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Live at Joseph's Well, Leeds, UK, 02-08-2005
Near Meth Experience
01 - Giving Ground
02 - Ribbons
03 - Crash & Burn
04 - Summer
05 - Alice
06 - On the Wire
07 - Dominion
08 - War on Drugs
09 - Flood I
10 - Suzanne
11 - First and Last and Always
12 - Will I Dream
13 - Anaconda
14 - Lucretia
15 - Temple of Love
16 - Romeo Down
17 - Flood II
18 - Top Nite Out
19 - Vision Thing


2005/08/02, Joseph's Well, Leeds, UK (indoors)

Free pre-tour for-fans-only test-out gig, under name of Near Meth Experience.
Announced three days before the gig via the official site. "02 August 2005 : NIGHT OFF. We'll be watching Near Meth Experience at a pub in Leeds.", it said. "Near Meth Experience play for free, because they're a shambles."
The band played as New Meth Experience in Leeds in 1996 and 1997. This last concert ended up being reviewed (negatively) on UK's heavyweight music news weekly NME; the reviewer completely missed a point that the gig was free try-out. Everybody thought this was the last of pre-tour freebies. Until now.
This might (or might not) have something to do with the fact that the new guitarist Chris May makes ends meet by working at Joseph's Well.

:) Spy 1969


oceanico71 said...

Andrew pelado!!!!!
Imágen fuerte!!!!!
Gracias por el disco.


oceanico71 said...

hace unos días que lo escucho, y es un muy buen show.
Gracias de nuevo!!!!!!!!
Te dejo la dir de mi blog, me gustaría que la visites y si es de tu agrado quisiera poner un link a la tuya.
¿Tendrás problemas que ponga un link a tu blog?


Spy 1969 said...

Muchas gracias...!!!

:) Spy 1969

oriani_k said...

Andaba buscando conciertos en vivo de los sisters, gracias Spy!!!


Anonymous said...

Hola el enlace no esta disponible, por favor vuelvelo a subir, te lo agradecere de por vidadd,