Tuesday, January 09, 2007

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Tinderbox (1986)

Edition Argentina

Party's Fall

Your parties fall around you
Another night beckons to you
Your parties fall around you
Another night beckons to you
Shadows look as you resist the gloom
Faded hues issue forth and bloom

A bed of leaves for a lover

Awake with a kiss and rise asunder
And when the party's over
You retreat in a realm of slumber

In your mind, crystal lights rebound
Wheels spin round and you hear the sound
Of autumn's call at party's fall

Through rose-tinted glass you still remember
The gladness, not sadness, only laughter

In your mind vicious lights rebound
Wheels spin round and you hear the sound
Of autumn's call at party's fall

The smile in the mirror grows weaker
The laughter you heard is growing fainter

Your parties fall around you
The night forgets to rouse you
Your party's fall astounds you
An aura of sadness abounds you

Glad rags sigh
Maybe you're alone inside, don't hide
Hurting all the time, hurting deep inside, don't cry
My happiness depends on knowing this friend is never alone
On your own
A party on our own
We'll have a party all our own inside
No sighs

Lyrics: Siouxsie & The Banshees

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Tinderbox (1986)


01- Candy Man
02- Sweetest Chill
03- This Unrest
04- Cities In Dust
05- Cannons
06- Party's Fall
07- 92º
08- Land's End
09- Quarterdrawing Of The Dog (Instrumental)
10- Execution
11- Lullaby
12- Umbrella
13- Cities In Dust (Extended version)

Release: 18-04-1986

-Siouxsie Sioux: vocals, piano, whistle
-Steven Severin: electric bass, keyboards, piano, drumbox, emulator
-Budgie: drums and percussion
-John Valentine Carruthers: guitars, keyboards, waterphone

Produced: Siouxsie & the Banshees/Steve Churchyard Link:

http://rapidshare.de/files/36665124/sionuk58.rar.html ---> 192 kbps - 86 MB

My favorites: Party's Fall, 92º, Candy Man, Land's End, Cannons, Quarterdrawing Of The Dog y Cities in Dust.



:) Spy 1969


Ihintza said...

Como siempre es un deleite las fotos donde se resaltan los ojos de ésta diva!

Muy buenas imágenes (como siempre)y el álbum eXXXcelente!!

Saludos y.. esperamos más posts =)

Spy 1969 said...

Gracias, me esmero mucho para seleccionar lindas fotos y acordes al momento....!!!
Si todo marcha bien esta semana viene X-mal Deutschland..!!

:) Spy 1969

Anonymous said...

La edicion nacional, con ese "por fin..!" en la tapa, debe ser preciada pieza de coleccionistas hoy.

Muchas gracias por todos estos discos.

Spy 1969 said...

Seguro, yo tengo esa edición, los coleccionistas pagan lo que sea por una edición argenta de cualquier disco, ya que son raros, por que no respetan las ediciones originales...!!!

:) Spy 1969

PD: Gracias a vos por la onda..!!

Anonymous said...

Esto es mucho para mi corazon...QUE BUEN BLOG!!!!!! Ademas suplique que se encontrara este archivo en vigencia, no esperaba este tremendo material que hace tanto perdi...
Impecale tu trabajo, te felicito y gracias!

marianomatulich@hotmail.com said...

tengo el vinilo de Tinderbox !!!

pero no puedo escucharlo :(

no debería haber vendido el Winko


saludos pa todos !!!

Poelzig said...

muchas gracias , estava a procura en otros blogs y todos links estavan down...nice presentation too!